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Carbine Digital Entrance Set

$261.00 $185.00

The Carbine Digital Locksets are a next generation product.

Here’s why: Incorporating a full lever handle on the inside rather than just a small knob, it is user-friendly. It is also the first digital lockset to come with its own stainless steel fitting plate. In this way you can easily retrofit a standard lockset. The existing hole in the door will be covered without the installer having to custom-make a fitting plate. In addition, this lock is fire-rated! Carbine Digital locks have been improved on the standard market offerings and are tried and tested to offer you and edge in mechanical digital lock fitting.


Lockwood 001 Touch Dead Lock Online


Buy Lockwood 001 Touch Online with National Security Products!

The 001Touch™ combines a stylish digital touch screen keypad with the security of the Lockwood 001 deadlatch. The simple convenience of using a pin code means you never have to carry keys again!

Included: Touch keypad. Integrated battery & box cover. New 001 deadlatch to suit timber doors. 2 RFID Cards on Mifare. 4 x AA batteries. Complete instruction booklet. RFID Fobs available as an optional extra.

Showing all 2 results