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Carbine C45 Brass Padlock

$41.80 $35.00

The Carbine C45 series padlocks are a high quality modular brass padlock.  Carbine
padlocks are workshop and field tested for security, strength and weather

The Padlock features are as below;
• Rekeyable R48 brass cylinder with 570 type barrel
• Suits Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5) profile
• Snap shut function as standard but this can be changed to a key retained
function by simply rotating the cam 180 degrees
• Rapid change shackle using a phillips head screwdriver
• Standard BR model body is brass with a brushed brass finish
• Addition BRNP models feature a weather resistant nickel plated finish
• Stainless steel double ball locking
• No linishing or knocking pin hole plugs into the padlock
• Standard model has an 8mm diameter shackle in materials of molybdenum
alloy (standard) or stainless steel
• Four shackle opening sizes available: 30mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm
• Additional model available with smaller 6.35mm diameter molybdenum
shackle for tight fit applications
• Customized etching available with your details on the padlock body, minimum
quantities apply
• Available in bulk packs, plus individual boxes keyed to differ, keyed alike, less
barrel and less cylinder
• There is also a display pack model in standard and stainless steel versions
which are ideal for retail purposes

Lockwood 334B45 Brass Padlock K/D


334 Lockwood 45mm Brass Body Padlock

The Lockwood High Security 334 series brass case padlock range feature shackles designed for high security and high corrosion applications suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

Features include:

— Heavy duty solid brass case
— 8.7mm rapid change boron steel shackle as standard
— Rapid Change Function allows the release of the shackle by turning the key and depressing the pin
— Double ball locking
— Stainless steel and extended shackles available
— Can be converted to deadlocking (key retained)
— Intruder resistant SCEC approved in the 119 shackle but must be fitted with SCEC approved cylinder for the correct area rating and configured in key retained

This quality padlock is now on special for a cheap price. Get it quick!

Showing all 2 results